Zaka & Tax Planning

The strategic plan for our clients’ tax and zaka services aim to reduce liabilities and maximize profits. One of the most important priorities of our clients is to end the tax and Zaka situation properly, which contributes in maximizing the benefits and reducing  the risks. We are committed to keep our clients informed about any new changes in Tax and Zaka laws which affect them. We are also committed to study all frugality opportunities in tax and zaka available to them, and maximize future opportunities with full compliance to the country’s statutes of Zaka and tax represented in General Authority of Zaka & Tax. We have experts in the field of tax, Zaka and Accounting with experience and excellence in tax and Zaka planning for corporations and companies in all legal forms.

The tax and Zaka services for companies and institutions are as follows:

  • Preparation of tax and Zaka return.
  • Review the detailed tables relating to tax and zaka return which are considered an integral part of it.
  • Submit zaka and tax return to the General Authority of Zaka and tax (the electronic portal).
  • Obtain tax and zaka
  • Review the different sectors of the Authority and discuss officials with regard to the tax and Zaka status and receive all the letters issued by the Authority in this regard, and review their responses and obtain the final tax and Zaka assessment.
  • If the General Authority requests additional details and information about the accounts of our clients for the purpose of finalizing the assessment, inform our clients about how to prepare, review and approve these details and information before submitting to the General Authority in its final form. Also, in the event that the General Authority conducts a field examination for the accounts of our clients, the inspection process will be monitored and assisted, and we will assist our client in responding to the requests and inquiries of the inspection team.
  • Review contracts and agreements, and discuss any related matters and effects of tax and Zaka, to express technical opinion about them.
  • Continuous specialized assistance related to tax and Zaka matters, including informing our clients about the latest developments and updates in the General Authority of Zaka and Tax.
  • Provide technical advice and opinion on specific inquiries raised by our clients to the Authority on tax and zaka matters related to tax and Zaka in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Prepare objection letters on the assessments issued by the General Authority of Zaka and Tax if the client believes that the tax and Zaka assessments contained in these assessments are inappropriate and represent our clients at the various objection and appeals committees.
  • Assist in the preparation of replies to the inquiries of the Authority and the committees related to objection and appeal, whether written or verbal, review any required data and approve them before they are submitted in the final form.
  • Receive committees’ decisions on behalf of our clients, review and express technical opinion about them.


We provide our clients with strategic tools, accounting, tax and Zakat expertise to help them achieve their financial goals and the necessary successful business industry.

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